Future Homes Ottawa

The future Ottawa is filled with efficient, comfortable, resilient, zero-emissions homes. 

Getting there, however, is a big job.  EnviroCentre’s Future Homes Ottawa project is working to make this future Ottawa vision possible, for residents, trades, planners and everyone who lives or does business in our region.

Future Homes Ottawa is currently in phase two of a three-phase pilot program – click here to learn more about our previous work. To learn about phase two, keep reading!

To reach our regional goal, Future Homes Ottawa is doing three things:

  1. Raising awareness around deep energy retrofits
  2. Building a mass residential retrofit model
  3. Supporting coordinated regional planning on deep residential retrofits

How can you engage?

If you’re an Ottawa resident:

  • Keep reading this website and check out the sections on Deep Retrofits, and 5 Steps to a Greener Home
  • Jump-start your retrofit process by booking a Home Energy Assessment
  • Express your interest in participating in a mass retrofit project – get in touch.

If you’re a community leader we can help you:

If you’re a community leader we can help you:

  • Start a local Eco-Action group to accelerate neighbourhood retrofits
  • Spearhead a neighbourhood retrofit project in your community

Get in touch to learn more.

If you’re a trades enterprise, contractor, or retrofit materials supplier:

  • Help us build a mass retrofit approach to accelerate residential energy retrofits in Ottawa? 
  • Apply to join a retrofit trades consortium

Get in touch to learn more.

Get in touch

Questions or partnership and sponsorship inquiries can be directed to futurehomes@envirocentre.ca

Press inquiries can be directed to communications@envirocentre.ca