Living Post Retrofit

You’ve done the work to reduce your household energy consumption and bring your home closer to zero emissions. 

The planet and your pocketbook thank you.  Now it’s time to maximize your gains and make sure your money translates into great savings. 

Check out our energy saving tips to get started on saving all you can. 

Did you know?
Behaviour change in your newly retrofit home can reduce your household energy consumption by as much as 12%?

Building forward 

Your Energy Advisor may have provided you with stepped recommendations, outlining your next steps in two years, five years, or even ten years, to keep your home on track for net-zero.  Don’t forget to mark in your calendar or post on your fridge the important next steps, with dates, in your path to zero emissions.    

It’s easier to plan than emergency-replace 

If you know your fossil-fuel furnace is coming up for replacement in three years, now is the time to start planning the shift to a zero-emissions, high-efficiency heating system, like a cold-climate heat pump.  You will get better deals, timely service, great advice, and far fewer headaches when you plan for your major equipment replacements well in advance.  Don’t forget, there is no worse time to consider new energy-efficient technologies than when you are shivering in your home with a broken furnace on a cold winter day.  If you’re serious about energy efficiency and emissions reductions, start your planning early and make sure it happens. 

You can start today.  Dig out the recommendations in your ‘best’ retrofit package, and get planning for the future. 

Share the wealth 

Did you have a great retrofit experience?  Your neighbours are much more likely to make changes in their own homes when they know you have had success with yours.  Ottawa’s healthy future will need 320,000+ households to choose the change to better homes. Can you help us get there?