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Home Winterproofing Program

Income-qualifying Enbridge Gas customers who live in homes built before 1980 can make their homes more comfortable and save energy at no charge with the Home Winterproofing Program. 

If you and your home qualify, you’ll receive free home improvements, including insulation, draft proofing and smart thermostat installation. These measures are determined by a home energy advisor and completed by professional contractors. 

These building improvements are intended to make your home more energy efficient, which also improves comfort year-round and reduces utility usage – and thus, cost! 

The program is open to Enbridge Gas customers who: 

  • Heat their home with a natural gas furnace or boiler; 
  • Have an Enbridge account in their own name; 
  • Live in a home built before 1980; and 
  • Meet household income or government assistance program criteria. 

For more information, including income thresholds, please visit the Home Winterproofing Program