Other Upgrades

Roofs – Green

Green roofs are living roofs. They support the growth of vegetation and consist of a waterproofing membrane, drainage layer, organic growing medium (soil), and vegetation.

Green roofs capture stormwater, improve air quality and create habitats for pollinators, birds and other wildlife. Green roofs also help insulate your home in the summer and help reduce the overall temperature in Ottawa.

What to Look For

Green roof systems are generally classified as extensive, semi-intensive or intensive. Your budget, vision and the structural capacity of your building will determine which type of green roof you select.

  • Contact several Green Roof Professionals to provide advice and a quote.
  • Avoid damage to your roof and home by making sure plants with known invasive root systems are not installed.

Things to Consider

  • Flat surface roofs are more suitable for installing a green roof, but with some extra planning, they can be installed on sloped roofs.
  • Make sure your home is structurally capable of adding a green roof. Work with a structural engineer or a Green Roof Professional to determine if a structural assessment is required.
  • Green roofs require care and maintenance, just like landscaping around your home. At a minimum, you should allocate time for weeding in the spring and fall, and water during any prolonged dry periods.