Canada Greener Homes Loan

The Canada Greener Homes Loan offers interest-free financing to help homeowners complete home energy retrofits recommended by an energy advisor.

The loan is offered in conjunction with the Canada Greener Homes Grant under the Canada Greener Homes Initiative.

Loan Details:

Maximum: $40,000
Minimum: $5,000
Repayment term: 10 years, interest-free
Loan type: Unsecured personal loan on approved credit

A maximum of one loan is available per eligible property and homeowner.

Eligible retrofits

The loan can only help you finance eligible products and installations that are part of a retrofit that is both recommended by an energy advisor and eligible for the grant. These include:

  • Home insulation – up to $5,000
    • Attic/ceiling insulation
    • Exterior wall insulation
    • Exposed floor insulation
    • Basement/foundation insulation
    • Crawl spaces insulation
  • Air-sealing – up to $1,000
  • Windows and doors – each rough opening is eligible for either $125 or $250
  • Thermostats – up to $50 (must be combined with another energy efficiency retrofit)
  • Space and water heating – up to $5,000
    • Ground Source Heat Pumps
    • Air Source Heat Pumps and Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps
    • Heat Pump Water Heaters (max $1,000)
  • Renewable energy – up to $5,000
  • Resiliency measures – up to $2,625 (must be combined with another energy efficiency-retrofit)

For a full list of eligible retrofits please visit the Greener Homes portal.

To begin work in your home, a portion of the loan can be delivered to you up front. Contractors often require a down payment for these types of projects. The balance of the loan will be delivered upon successful completion of the retrofits, and verification through a post-retrofit evaluation.

To apply for the loan, you need to apply first and be approved for the Canada Greener Homes Grant. If you have already completed your grant process through the Canada Greener Homes Initiative, visit the Greener Homes portal to start your loan process.

 For more information visit Natural Resources Canada