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Did you know that homes and buildings produce almost half of the greenhouse gas emissions in Ottawa today?

The future Ottawa is filled with efficient, comfortable, resilient, zero-emissions homes. But getting there is a big job – to meet our city’s climate targets, we must deep retrofit 98% of existing homes! That’s around 327 thousand homes total, which means about 20 thousand homes a year!

Find out more about the Future Homes Ottawa project, and the work we are doing to raise awareness around deep energy retrofits here!

Learn more about what you can do to green your home:

Are you a homeowner?  

5 steps to a greener home  

Learn about the rebates, incentives and financing available to help you retrofit your home. 

Not sure where to start? Try here! 

Are you a tenant?  

As a renter, you’ll need to get your landlord on board for any major or structural changes to your unit. There are home improvement incentives available to your landlord, and there are also ways for you to reduce your costs, or improve your home comfort if you pay for your own home energy. Find out more here: https://betterhomesottawa.ca/find-the-right-incentive/  

Check out this list of energy saving tips for anyone looking to improve their energy efficiency: https://betterhomesottawa.ca/renovation-upgrades/energy-saving-tips/  

Are you a trades person?  

Do you want to be part of building a mass retrofit approach to accelerate residential energy retrofits in Ottawa?  Join the FHO Trades mailing list.  

You can also apply to join a retrofit trades consortium here 

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Thank you to IKEA  

Thank you to IKEA for their partnership on this Future Homes Ottawa display, and for their commitment to sustainability.